Resins thermoplastic PET

The resins polyester thermoplastics are materials to base of polietilentereftalato (PET).
The PET resins offer an excellent dimensional stability, they withstand well to the creep and to the temperature, beyond to possess ownership electric excellent intrinsic, they besides replace advantageous the metals, thermosetting, or other thermoplastic polymers.
Between the applications of these resins could be, components for auto, headings for electric motors, microswitch, electric Bobbins, clogs for lamps etc.

RESIN PET SELF- EXTINGUISHINGstabilized to the heat reinforced with the 30% of fiber of glass

  • Or Elevated mechanical resistance, rigidity
  • Or Autoestinguenza UL class 94= V0
  • Or dielectric Rigidity according to the IEC norms 243- 1= 33 KV/ mm
  • Or Absorption of water 24 h, ISO norms 62= 0.17%
  • Or Temperatures of exercise according to the UL norms 1446= 200 C H CLASS